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Call for papers — Minding Animals, Ciudad de México (January 17-24, 2018)


Minding Animals International Inc. works to further the development of animal studies internationally and to help establish legal and moral protections for all nonhuman animals. 

Every year Minding Animals organizes an international conference with researchers and activists. In 2018, the conference will take place in Ciudad de México, with international speakers. 

Minding Animal is searching for contributors! If you want to participate, follow the instructions

A. Submit your abstract (click HERE). Close of CFP: 15 July

B. Register and pay the Conference fee (click HERE). Minding Animals Members have 50 USD discount

C. Reserve your accommodation, preferably at the venue hotel. Rooms upon availability. The sooner the better. It is the best hotel, at the best price and you will be ready early in the morning to enjoy your vegan breakfast and hear our awesome speakers (click HERE)





Laura De Grazia
Laura De Grazia
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